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T A X   C O N S U L T A N T
Mag (FH) Dietmar Prantl, MBA Kufstein
Mag. Bernhard Dobernik Lienz (East Tyrol)
Marion Lechner, MA Söll

Prantl - Dobernik - Lechner TAX & MANAGEMENT

We have been involved for many years with questions of corporate management and taxation. As corporate consultants it is important to us and to our employees that you can reach us when needed. Our goal is to better understand our customers and their operations, and not to view them merely as a sum of various numbers. It is also important for us to visit a client’s operations on site, to provide active support in matters of corporate organization and financing, to assist in corporate audits and to provide positive advice and counsel, even in matters going beyond taxation. The customer must not be left alone, but rather have a partner who has a holistic view of the corporation and has a familial relationship with the client. It is also important for the consultants not to be left alone. Numerous matters in tax law require experience and an exchange of experience.

The key phrase of Tax & Management was derived from this guiding principle.

This is the objective of our offices in Lienz, Söll and Kufstein.

Services Our competence

We are not only tax consultants.
We are your advisor and future coach in all area of tax, corporate and business consultation for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Free initial consultation

Trust can only grow when there is the right chemistry between the tax advisor and the client.

We therefore attach great importance to personal discussions. As part of the free initial consultation, we offer you the possibility to discuss together how we can realise your wishes and requirements.

Tax consulting

Our tax consulting is a high-quality and competent advisory service based on many years of experience.

This means that our clients enjoy individual advice. Good tax advisors can recognise what knowledge their clients are missing in certain situations and can provide targeted support.

Personnel accounting

Our personnel accounting carries out the ongoing salary and payroll accounting for you. On request, we can also send the monthly pay slips by e-mail to your employees.

We also offer you help in case of special questions pertaining to labour and social security law, as well as for concluding service contracts. Annual evaluations e.g. annual pay slip statements, municipal tax declarations etc. are transmitted automatically to the corresponding authorities.


We carry out your accounting and transmit the preliminary VAT return (UVA) electronically to the responsible tax office for you. Electronic documentation and remote access are available on request.

Of course, you receive monthly or quarterly evaluations such as balance list, short-term income statement, due payments list etc.

Representation during company audits

If your company is audited by the tax authorities, we organize the logistical procedure and accompany the auditing. This means that we agree the place and start date of the audit with the auditor, prepare the documentation accordingly and hand it over to the financial authorities.

If questions emerge, we try to answer these together with you. If an appeal is necessary, of course we represent you before the financial authorities. If we carry out the personnel accounting, the auditing of payroll expenses normally takes place directly at our firm.

Social security consulting

Tradespeople and the self-employed usually have mandatory pension and health insurance according to the Commercial Social Insurance Act (GSVG).

All persons gaining income from trades or self-employed work are subject, as so-called “new independents”, to mandatory health and pension insurance, if they do not already have mandatory insurance according to GSVG. Persons who do not reach the insurance income thresholds can join the commercial health and accident insurance voluntarily.


Due to changes in law or changes to your private circumstances, changing the legal form of your organisation could become beneficial for you.

We find the best possible legal form for your company and help you with the reorganization.

Advice for business handovers

Handing over a business usually requires a long preparation time, intensive planning and a well thought out strategy.

We would be happy to support you in finding the optimal handover variant, the right point in time and a suitable legal form (a reorganisation may be necessary). We explain the milestones along the way, so that you can enjoy your well-deserved retirement after the handover.


We have been representing doctors from a wide range of fields for many years – from anaesthetists to dentists.

Throughout your career, we will stand by you as a trustworthy partner so that you can concentrate fully on your job. Whether as a regular doctor or as a Senior Physician. Whether when setting up your own practice or selling it. Benefit from our experience.

Contact We look forward to your enquiry!

Mag (FH) Dietmar Prantl, MBA


TAX & MANAGEMENT Steuerberatung GmbH

Mag (FH) Dietmar Prantl, MBA

Oskar-Pirlo-Straße 11 · 6330 Kufstein

+43 5372 63050-0

Mag. Bernhard Dobernik

Lienz (East Tyrol)

Dobernik & Prantl Steuerberatung GmbH

Mag. Bernhard Dobernik

Dolomitenstraße 6 · 9900 Lienz (East Tyrol)

+43 (0)50 393

Marion Lechner, MA


TAX & MANAGEMENT Steuerberatung OG

Marion Lechner, MA

Sonnbichl 10a · 6306 Söll

+43 5372 63050-0

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